We treat pieces of clothing by their authenticity and quality. Whatever the kind of articles of clothing, for instance, fabric, white's,
upholstery, mats, and floor covers we treat them freely. Endeavor our organizations once and we know you will stay with us!

How to schedule my first service?

Order can be scheduled through website, call center, walk in store, and direct call to store. In case orders get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, our team will update in advance.

What’s your turnaround time?

We can take 48 to 72 Hours depending on the service. But in case of an emergency, we can make special arrangements.

How to reschedule a missed order?

If you happen to miss your order, you can simply reschedule it by calling at our call center number and we will reschedule it.

How to contact The Laundry Store in case of a query/complaint?

You can always call at our call center +91 850 685 9254 or write us at We will be more than happy to hear from you.

What is the minimum order value?

Our Minimum order value is Rs 400.

How do you ensure safety?

Our partner uses protective mask, gloves, and other necessary safety equipments while attending the service.

Are there things that you will not Clean?

Not Much!!. If we are not able to attend your order, we will contact you and agree on how to continue.

How do I give special instructions for my service?

We take necessary inputs from you while you book a service from our website, whatsapp, call etc.

How do you accept payment?

We accept cash, upi, wallet and other online methods. We can make payment through website, mobile app, or payment link.

Do I need to tip the partner?

No need to search your pockets for that extra bit, we motivate our boys with ample incentives!

How do I avail discounts?

Any discounts/Offers is aptly displaced on the website . Also, keep checking your inbox regularly for exciting offers.

Why do you do laundry on kg basis?

We believe in keeping things simple, our machines are calibrated on Kg basis and we derive our costing on Kg. basis, therefore to keep complex equations out of the way we charge for our services on Kg. basis. We also know that charging piece-wise could give us more margins but, DhobiLite as a company believes in keeping our charges fair and that's why laundry services are charged on Kg. basis.